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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

THEY'RE HERE & GIVEAWAY!! New Complete Nutrition Bars

Yay! Something new for me to wear!

This morning I started out my Transform30 day with the Dynamic Duo- Green Smoothies pre-workout, and Juice Plus+ Complete in almond milk for my recovery drink. WHEW! But Burn Boot Camp IS getting easier! It's working! I'm getting my measurements done next week to see how I'm doing.  I can't wait! 

After my workout, I took my son to preschool and LM & I ran down to have some work done on our van. They told me it would take an hour. TWO hours later, I was *a little* concerned I would be late to pick my son up! I was hoping I'd be able to squeeze in some sales calls on my excursion, and drop off flyers at a few chiropractor offices for my summer series of classes. So much for that. All in God's timing. 

But at least when we got home I picked our FIRST STRAWBERRY of the season! Yay! 

I washed it, lovingly handed it to my oh-so-excited son...and he dropped it right in front of the dog. Ahem. So we enjoyed the SECOND strawberry of the season. ;)

I did some work after lunch: 

And decided..."Hmm. I'm tired. And if I'm going to work out so hard, and get skinny healthy, I may as well get my tan Vitamin D levels on, to help my hormone levels & boost my killer good looks mood even more!" Ha.

(did I just laugh at my own joke?)

My son had other ideas. Yes, he's shooting HIMSELF with his water gun. He is so funny! I still was able to lie down, and I had some help staying cooled off in the heat. I love him. 

I stayed out for just half an hour. Then back to work, and dinner! We're having gluten free black bean tostadas. Mine will have avocado in lieu of cheese- YUM! 

Other Good Things! 

Some goodies came in the mail for me- and for you! Juice Plus+ just came out with a NEW Complete product (whole protein, whole foods based products): SNACK BARS! Perfect for the sporty types, busy types and hungry types, alike :). Do you see the picture on the left? That's right! Gluten free, vegan and NON-GMO. Very important.

I even emailed the company to ensure these products are truly gluten free & Celiac disease safe. Here was the response:

Hello Megan,

Thank you for your email!

All Juice Plus+ products are regularly tested using Tepnel ELISA methodology (AOAC
method 991.19) for the presence of gluten, and they meet the requirements proposed by
FDA for gluten-free foods; no wheat, barley or rye, and less than 20 parts per
million gluten.

Thank you,

Juice Plus+® Customer Care
140 Crescent Drive
Collierville, TN 38017


We tried them both. First, the Whole Grain + Cranberry:

Then, the Apple & Raisin:

My son & I LOVED the Apple + Raisin, and Mr Incredible preferred the Wholesome Grain & Cranberry. My daughter didn't seem to care, as long as she had some stuffed in her face! 


I thought it might be fun for one of YOU to get to try each of these new products, for free! No  fancy giveaway generator, just simply this: Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me ONE thing you like about these new snack bars, and you'll be entered to win. 

Giveaway closes tomorrow, Wednesday, May 7th at Midnight, so get your entries in by then! Winner should be announced Thursday, May 8th. 

Can't seem to get your comment to go through? Email me at, or message me on the Facebook Page! Be sure to check back Thursday to see if you're the winner! 
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  1. Love portable and healthy! Both flavors sound fantastic.

  2. Finally, a truly HEALTHY quick and easy snack!