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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Walk in the Garden & Complete Bar Giveaway Winners!

A Walk in the Garden

I don't have much time to post today, I'm exhausted. I helped a friend with house cleaning this morning, ran to Aldi to pick up some items from their new gluten free line, and spent the afternoon mowing the lawn. 

Yay! These. Are. Amazing! Great ingredients too! I'll share soon, promise. 

 Reviews to come! 

But I just loved walking around our yard and garden! The planting areas need some work (and rain!) but it's looking wonderful! 

 Flowering bell pepper. I found a flower on one of the tomatoes too! 

 The start of some of my "Rocky Top" lettuce mix from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed co. This is a big time favorite around here! And this is one of the spotted  varieties. 

 Blueberry flowers...
And soon to ripen blueberries! 

 Transform30! It's working!

 We are in for a bumper crop of strawberries! Two huge beds lining our front walk look like this. 

This is the first year one of our plum trees have set fruit

Peaches! I hope I wasn't too late, I noticed some bugs had started boring into the fruits...time to whip out the organic spray! (or else I'll get nothin. Believe me...I've tried!)

This is also the first year our Apricot tree has set fruit! It's going to be a fruitful year! 

I can't wait to post more!


In Tuesday's post, I was excited that my package of these new gluten free, vegan, whole food nutrition bars just arrived! I was so impressed that I did a small giveaway- And since only two people entered, I'm going to send you BOTH a little package with one of each of the bars. So Deanna send me your mailing address! (I don't need Alison's....she's my sister)  :D You can email me at


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  1. Crazy people! I wonder why only two of us entered. I guess it's their loss. :-) I'll e-mail you. Those strawberries are going to be good. I'm also looking forward to hitting Aldi this week and seeing their new products.