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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Car and GIVEAWAY!

*Sigh*. As some of you may know, our dear dear Subaru Forester has been struggling for life lately- It left us too early, at the young age of 111K miles. So sad! And SO unlike a Subaru. We said goodbye on Saturday morning and have been on the hunt for a new car all weekend.

What to buy what to buy? Unfortunately, we were not ready to replace a car, we had just put all of our extra savings into the new house (yay!) and were down to our emergency fund. Seeing as how our car has been well taken care of, it suddenly having all of these problems certainly qualified as an emergency! So we had the lovely challenge of trying to buy something that was within our emergency fund/cash range. But we made it happen. We found this lovely Ford Freestyle about an hour outside of our town, in great condition. Third row seats for future kiddos and friends! 24-27MPG to feed my tree-hugging tendencies! Leather seats for my indulgent tendencies! UNDER our cash "budget" for a car! YAY! I think she's purrdy :)

4 wheel drive
Power seats, leather interior
My view :)
Most importantly, 3rd row seating!

I'm very excited to be able to fit more than 2 car seats in my car :). Maybe I can actually take people places now, AND *think* about having another baby someday :D

THANK YOU LORD for Dave Ramsey. Thank you Dave Ramsey for your program. Thank you for your radio show. Thank you for saying things in a way that makes sense to us. Thank you for encouraging people to keep emergency funds. If we didn't have an emergency fund, we would be stressed and paying car payments right now!! Or maybe we would be really really stuck and would have been devastated by the unexpected loss of a car.

*** Here is where the GIVEAWAY comes in: I'm giving away a Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" book!! Leave a comment below and we will randomly choose a winner. Will ship anywhere in the continental US! You have until Friday March 11th at midnight to enter. Winner will be announced on Monday. Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you. ONE entry per person, please :)***

Spiritual Blurb: I have been learning a lot about God and how we view life. Thanks to the simple principals God lays out in His word, we can have big stressors and expenses like buying a house, all of us getting sick with the flu twice in one month, hospital visits, mechanic bills and dead cars all in the matter of 60 days. But, with God and living life in ways that honor Him make all these things seems so small. Manageable. I in no way feel the impending "Why God?" of all of these things happening at once. Had we not been living life according to biblical principals, we may be very upset and stressed now from all of these things, and wondering why God would let all these little things keep happening to us. Instead we are steadfast in His Love, trusting in His provisions and thankful for His guidance. It's a wonderful, beautiful thing.  Thank you Jesus :D. And thank you for helping us find my new ride! 

I hope you all are having a terrific day! I know I am...behind the wheel again :)



  1. ooh I've really been wanting to read this book. We live paycheck to paycheck and I'd love to explore other options!

  2. We could really use this book! We are finally starting to kick some of our bad habits and beginning to make good ones, financially speaking. Although it's quite small, we have a savings account, for the first time in our marriage (sorry, don't kill me). We've, also, gotten to the point where we are a cash only family (excluding online orders, however we MUST have the available cash for those purchases.) We've been struggling for so long, and it would be so nice to be financially stable. Also, if we win, we would be more than happy to pass the book along to the next family in need, when we are done :0)

  3. Congratulations on your new car! And yay for Dave Ramsey! We have been wanting to do his program and read his books ourselves.

  4. So very happy for you! I have been so wanting to try the Dave Ramsey method. My hubby and I have always been decent at controlling our spending and have the standard mortgage, student loans, and 1 car loan. I would LOVE to be debt free!

  5. APRIL! If you ever see this, please contact me (megan here at I have a book here to send you :). I don't have any way to contact you...