Monday, April 14, 2014

MOM: You Are Not Your Resume

You are not your resume. 

I think we understand this when it comes to applying for jobs. We know that those bullets on the page do not encompass who we are. In fact, good business coaches are so coveted because of their ability to show an employer more about the person behind the bullet points. 

What about at home? 
Many of us find ourselves depending on those bullet points of every day to show us we are valuable, and that our days are not wasted. Whether for you it is
"dishes cleaned, laundry folded and kids fed", or "meeting completed, paperwork done & oil changed", checking off our lists can give us a sense of accomplishment & worth. But this daily "resume" of bullet points is faulty, difficult, and thinly veiled. What if the dishes don't get done? Or the meeting goes poorly? If we lean on the accomplishments, our sense of worth falters. 

It's time we realized we are not our resume. What is important is not the checked off to-do list, but the person behind the bullets. What's important is You. Who you are. What drives you. Your character, purpose, intentions & good desires. These are the things behind the resume, the part we wish everyone would really see- Our hearts. Who we are writes our resume, because it is this that determines the actions we take. 

This is especially important in our spiritual lives
Believe it or not, God doesn't see us as a sum of our resume bullet points either. If you could write a list of your spiritual bullets, what would it look like? Maybe it would look something like this:
  • I do not steal or kill
  • I try not to lie
  • I gave a homeless man some change
  • I brought my neighbor dinner
  • I go to church
  • I give to charities at Christmas
Is it enough? Does it count? It looks like nothing compared to people who run large non-profits, run marathons for disease or give away millions to good causes, and missionaries who further the gospel. 

But God doesn't look at our resumes. He looks at the person behind the bullets. A man who writes the above list could do these things from a heart of greed, self protection & an agenda of financial gain. Or it could be written by a man whom loves the Lord and these gifts come from a heart of gratitude of salvation.

So today, don't focus your worth on your check lists and bullets points. Realize your worth rests in who you are, and even more so, in whom God created you to be. And feel the peace in your heart that comes when you realize God sees you in your fullness & beauty, even if you don't check a single thing off of your list today. 

"Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving."- Col. 2:6-7


Friday, April 4, 2014

Flashback Frugal Friends' Friday!

Welcome to Frugal Friday!

 Today is a flashback to a post series I used to do on the FrugalMegan blog: Frugal Friends' Friday! It was so fun to have tips submitted and run them the next week. Maybe I should bring it back? :D

Here are this week’s tips!

“I like to buy in bulk then divide it up into family size portions. I also like to buy excess on sale…for example…chicken thighs are typically cheaper and are on sale more frequently than breast. Plus, my husband has no idea what part of the chicken he’s eating when I cook dinner.”
 -Deana, Jamestown OH

What a great way to save money! I absolutely love buying in bulk. Flours, nuts, meat, veggies and bread can be frozen in smaller portions. You know you can even go in together with other people you know on large package items and split the cost. It’s a wonderful thing.

“How frugal is throwing out food that is still usable? Or allowing things to become unusable? Not very! Here is a site I’ve found that helps me figure out how long things last, and what I can do to keep things fresh longer. Its a great resource! Click here for the link!” 
– Patti, Wakeman OH

How cool! I’m adding this to my bookmarks, as it is something I will use very regularly! Although since purchasing these great glass containers, much of my food lasts a lot longer! (click picture to see)

Thanks for visiting today, everyone- And be sure to send in your frugal tips to! It’s such a great help to others to share even the smallest of ideas!

Here’s to living- happier, healthier, more FRUGAL lives!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Video Post: Putting Together a Tower Garden is Quick & Easy!

 Last weekend my kids and I were SO excited that our huge Tower Garden box had come in the mail. But to be honest- I was a little overwhelmed! I was home with my two kids and dying to get my garden set up...but I wasn't sure I could do it myself.

I decided to watch a quick "how to video" on youtube, and was greatly encouraged. I even decided to video tape the process. It was SO quick and easy, and the kids loved helping! Here is a video of me and my kids putting our Tower Garden together on our back porch- Quickly & easily! 

I cannot WAIT to start harvesting greens for our smoothies, juices & salads! 

If you'd like to learn more about  Tower Gardens, check out this post I wrote on why it's such a great gardening tool, and the Tower Garden website where you can find almost all the information you could think of about them. There was even a study done by the University of Mississippi on the produce made by Tower Gardens- The produce grows 30% faster, with 10% less land and water than conventional gardening.